General Mills utilizes Sparta Focus to conduct market research with its customers, across multiple brands.

Sparta Focus is a specialized configuration of Sparta CommUnity social network platform constructed with the virtual focus group in mind where customers, clients and employees engage with your market research team and provide deep insight about your product or service.

With all the latest social network features users demand - from news feeds to user-generated videos to blogs and polls - participants are more likely to become engaged and stay engaged with the community.

For the Client, apart from the benefits of greater participation, Sparta Focus comes equipped with Sparta Insight, an enterprise class reporting suite which features both quantitative AND qualitative analysis.  For example, with a few clicks, the Client can determine in colorful graphics, the content of key conversations, frequency and whether the audience generally likes an item - plus the Client can track attitudes over time.

With a successful social network, the amount of data generated can be staggering.  For the Project Manager, it removes the hurdles of deciphering all the data, figuring out what it all means and presenting it to management.

Sparta Insight provides easy-to-read charts which facilitate deep understanding of participants' behavior and attitudes, and that  can be quickly added to any presentation.  The end result is an excellent Return-On-Investment - successful action plans which can be constructed and implemented more rapidly.