Feature Instructions

My Friends
Add someone as your friend via the ACTION ITEMS menu and you can see their thumbnail, Bookmarked items and messages, among other things. If they have also made you their friend, then their thumbnail will appear outlined in red.
My Photo albums
Photo icons are used only to associate a picture with a comment, message or blog entry. Photo albums have many additional features such as allowing friends to post comments about each image.
Browse All Profiles
Display Format:You have the option to select the display format. Selecting Full Profile, displays all the profiles with photos. Photos Only option displays only photos.
=Only show profiles:Select 'With Photos' if you want to see profiles which has photos with them. By checking 'With Recent Activity' you are further filtering down the search to display only profiles having recent activities.
People who are:This option lets you select profiles of specific gender.
Interested In Meeting People for:Select from these options if you like to see profiles with that choice.
Age:You can enter the age limit of the people you want to see.
Status:You can select from these people who are Single/In a relationship/Married etc.
Location:You can even search for people who are a few miles away from your zipcode.
My Threads
'My Threads' is a personalized central message board which lets you follow in one location all the threads you have participated in. Additionally, it displays all the threads from yourBlog and personal message board discussions.
Reciprocating friends
Reciprocating friends are individuals who have mutually selected each other as their friends. (You have selected them as a friend and they have selected you as a friend.) With reciprocating friends, you gain access to a host of special features, including e-cards, birthday reminders and more.
Upcoming Events Near Me
Upcoming Events Near Me is determined by the zip code or country you provided in your profile. Click 'Edit Profile' or 'My Account' to change your settings.
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